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Dash Berlin - Famous DJ and producer now at home in quarantine

Partly at the request of EB ONLINE, Paul Raats visited Dash Berlin at home in his vinyl room and attended an important live stream. Last week Paul and Dash had a video call. His real name is Jeffrey Sutorius, a Dutch DJ born in Leidschendam and raised in Helmond. Since 2007 actively performing under  stage name Dash Berlin. Sutorius is of the first generation of Dutch top DJs. Quite soon after the start he became very popular and well known outside the Netherlands and won several awards.

Sutorius is a music lover pur sang, living in The Hague and traveling an average of 260 days a year. Married, and very proud father of their 3 month old daughter Anna. The other lady in the house is the beautiful white Frenchie TianTian.

His last performance was in Melbourne during Ultra Australia March 9, 2020. Before that he was in South Africa, Tokyo, and Miami. The past year was a rather busy year, partly due to the start-up of our own record label BODYWRMR. Putting forward artists for this, traveling a lot and thus taking new steps in the music world. Sutorius has traveled simultaneously with the COVID-19 virus or rather: was just one step ahead of it every time. His wife who is of Chinese origin soon had information about the virus and traveling with a mouth mask became normal. "Not being Asian, people stared at me in the plane and at the airports, when wearing a mask." In terms of performances, his world has come to a complete standstill since the last performance in Australia, and he and his wife and daughter are now together experiencing the bizarre almost surrealistic times due to COVID-19. “The fist you then think is: now what?” Especially the health of his mother is an extra concern, so they take the necessary measures for this. So far he is not feeling bored at all yet; Jeffrey gets up around 6:30 in the morning and often goes to bed tired and satisfied after midnight. He is currently making new remixes for a number of other artists and is focused on his new singles coming out soon. "Actually, now with the whole family life combined it seems even busier than usual".


The #DailyDash goes live on Instagram and Facebook, where thousands of “Dashers” can watch simultaneously and on an average of 6,000 messages are sent within the hour. The fans bring lots of love, gratitude and warmth, to which as always he responds with a lot of passion and energy out of pure love for the music and gratitude.

Fatherhood also touches Jeffrey and confirms his view that the world is certainly not about him. He wants to give Anna a bright future, combined with a good study. The video interview starts and Jeffrey has Anna in his arms, she sucks on his arm and leaves a nice hinky there, that is still visible during the live stream that evening. TianTian also walks into the interview for a moment, the charming Frenchie who also has her own Instagram account.

Last Saturday evening, after the #DailyDash, he did a special 2 hour live broadcast for the TAO Group. Among other clubs and restaurants around the world, the TAO Group owns the Marquee Club in Las Vegas. The events sector has been hit hard. Many employees immediately lost their jobs, and the DJ tries to make his viewing audience donate to a specially designed fund. Not for himself, but for the employees of the TAO Group.

Paul himself was present in Dash's specially decorated vinyl room. Around 9 p.m. after the daily #DailyDash, the music stops, and Jeffrey starts with a very personal heart-spoken message. The explanation of the impact of the crisis among the employees of TAO Group in, for example, America, Australia and Singapore, where completely different working conditions apply, is particularly impressive. He asks his fans to donate as much as possible during the 2 hour live show.

Facebook is exploding, messages are coming in non-stop. For Paul very impressive to see how a DJ gets such a nice contact with listeners from home around the world. In the meantime he even answers people and then waves to his Instagram followers on 1 of the 4 cameras. He also mentions certain people by name after a donation or special request for a certain song. By the many requests there is particularly much contact with the fans. Much  more one on one, thus more personal, according to the DJ in quarantine. “ In the end you do miss the total experience and energy from the stage though”.


“Maybe we should all start all over again. RESET! Perhaps the current crisis will make people again realize the value of nightlife. Hopefully what we do not have now, we can enjoy more again later. That's also how it started back in the early 1990s. ”

What will the dance industry will look like after the crisis? He has a strong opinion on this and desire: Years ago Jeffrey said that the dance scene in the Netherlands was not to continue as it was. It became too big, clubs disappeared and maybe not all organically. It would be nice if the local club scene would return, friends ordering a drink together, dancing, meeting up, hugging and having a good time in a smaller setting. This has largely disappeared. Maybe we should all start all over again. RESET! Perhaps the current crisis will make people again realize the value of nightlife. Hopefully what we do not have now, we can enjoy more again later. That's also how it started back in the early 1990s.

In 10 years from now he sees himself traveling less, producing more and hoping to guide people in the right direction, executing label management, getting the right people and records in the right spot, but also still on stage. In good health of course. Music is his hobby, his world, his life. It makes him happy. Whether the music is recorded on vinyl, cd or digital is equal to him. “How great it is when holding a record with a matching sleeve, carrying a whole story. Or a track online with a cool video, for which people took the time to create a story to the song. But also the questions on what atmosphere you want to create with electronic music. Yes, to me that is just fantastic!”

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Article published by Eindhoven Business, April 4 2020. Article and photos by Paul Raats.