Dash Berlin, the famous music project founded by BMI award-winning music producer Sebastiaan Molijn has been delighting Trance fans from all over the world for more than a decade. Together with his youth friend and illustrious co-producer Eelke Kalberg, Molijn took the Dash Berlin collective to the top of the dance music world with some of the biggest Trance classics of all time, such as “Till the Sky Falls Down”, “Man on the Run” and “Waiting”. After the recent departure of the old frontman of the group, Dash Berlin is now back stronger than ever with a brand new forthcoming album, bringing back that eagerly awaited, classic Dash Berlin sound. The emotional new singles "Oceans" and “Home At Last” are already crowned as future classics by thousands of craving fans that are following the group’s every move on the various social media accounts, propelling the Dash Berlin music project right back into that legendary status.